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Noelia Berkes is a brilliant acting coach! In only a couple sessions, she has already helped me grow as an actress and have a better understanding of what acting is. She creates a supportive environment, adjusting to whatever level you’re at, while still challenging you and pushing you outside of your comfort zone. If you are lucky enough to get to take lessons with Noelia, in a very short period of time you will not only become a better actor but also have a good working knowledge of how the business side in this career works.

Annika, Age 16


"I can personally say that [Noelia] is one of the best directors I have ever had. Her compassion and cheerful spirit lit up the room every day, and I always felt extremely comfortable asking her for help. Not only was she very approachable, but she was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in every circumstance. Her genuine love for our art is exactly what makes her work so remarkable. Noelia is someone I have looked up to for a very long time, and she has never disappointed!"

Madison, Age 18


Learning from Noelia meant that Joy came first. She has an acute understanding of the necessity for play to be a precedent to creativity. Noelia is an example of someone with a razor sharp mind and an exemplary work ethic. I learned that keeping your mouth shut and working hard went hand in hand with bringing a creative energy into every room you enter.

Saunders, Age 21


I was very fortunate to have worked with Noelia when we were both cast in Leah, The Forsaken at the Metropolitan Playhouse. I played Noelia’s character’s daughter.  Noelia was amazing mentor.  She helped me with every performance... especially with timing and taking cues on stage. Watching her perform every night was wonderful! She made such an impression on me. Her depth of emotions was incredible! Noelia is one of the most talented people I’ve ever worked with!

Talia, Age 9


Noelia is not only an amazing actress, but also a very kind person. When I first walked into a professional environment, she was very welcoming and loving towards me; which I am entirely grateful for. I was able to look up to her for guidance, support, and even love when I needed it. I remember when I had a small incident on stage and she was there to comfort me. I highly recommend you to train with Noelia.  Once again, not only is she an amazing actress, a kind person, and a friend, but she will always be there for you.

Brooklyn, Age 12


As a young actor I have had the opportunity to work with Noelia. She is incredibly encouraging and a pleasure to work with.

Noah, Age 12


"I know Noelia from acting camps at Alabama Shakespeare Festival. She is a great teacher and actor and is very, very nice. I have moved to Ireland now but I will remember Noelia for the rest of my life.

Sam, Age 10


Noelia was always helpful, kind, and encouraging to me while I was working with her at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. She is not only a mentor but also a friend.

Olive, Age 10


"Noelia was one of the nicest people within my time in the theatre. She knew that the theatre was work and commitment, but that didn’t mean it shouldn’t be devoid of fun. She was the very definition of professional."

Steven, Age 15

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